ETM 60

Machines with mandrel

The ETM series with mandrel is perfect for bending thin tubes with tight radii, without deforming the tube.

These machines have a bending range capacity from 10 to 50 mm diameter, with minimum bending radius of 2 x the tube diameter.

According to the various needs, the machines can be equipped with different options:

  • Manual eccentric vise and fixed mandrel
  • Eccentric clamping with hydraulic mandrel advance
  • Hydraulic and automatic cicle mandrel clamping
  • Tube bender ETM 60 fix mandrel

Technical specifications

SpecificationETM 60ETM 76ETM 90
Motor powerKW 2KW 4KW 2,2
Rotation speed *0-7 g/1’ *0-7 g/1’ *0-5 g/1’ *
GearsA bagno d’olioA bagno d’olioA bagno d’olio
Wieght350 kg*450 kg*1200 kg
Size600 x 500 x 950 h.850 x 620 x 890 h.900 x 800 x 1000 h.
* Possibility of variable speed

Maximum capacity (mm)

MaterialETM 60
FE 3750 x 3
INOX 30450 x 2
Alluminium60 x 2
FE37 Square pipe40 x 40 x 3


Every ETM series machine is supplied with the “Digital Bend Programming Touch Screen” special software, extremely easy to use  due to the intuitive “Touch” screen.

Thanks to the latest generation technologies it is possible to access main features as:

  • Storage of 99 programs, each of them with a 5-stop sequence in the bending operation
  • Calculation of the machine maximum bending capacities with reference to the material size to be bent
  • Graphic of the minimum bending radii
  • Setting of springiness material estimate (springback)
  • Bend counter
  • Remote connection “Industry 4.0”

Some more functions:

  • Working mode: either manual or automatic
  • Change of measure unit: either inches or millimeters
  • 100 MB hard disk
  • Alarm diagnosis
  • Maintenance notice
ETM tegolo

Wiper die

ETM anima snodata

Balls Mandrel

ETM anima

Fix Mandrel

ETM comando a pedale

Foot control

ETM 60 Display posizione cromatrice

Digital display
countermold position

ETM Chiusura ad eccentrico

Eccentric vise

ETM posizionatore con anima

Positioner with mandrel