ETM 80


New ETM 80 rotary draw bending machine, a powerful and precise no mandrel tube bending machine designed for all types of tubes and profiles.

A solid, high-performance machine, entirely “Made in Italy”, capable of bending large diameter tubes on both the right and left sides.

The ETM 80 allows to bend tubes with a range diameter up to 76 x 6 mm, and can bend more than 180° with maximum finishing quality.

The machine is manufactured from a single piece of steel, with dies made from solid C45 steel.

The specially designed counter-dies system allows less mechanical effort and much faster machining than machines in the same category, guaranteeing excellent finishes even with the thinnest thicknesses.

Extremely easy and quick to use thanks to the “Digital Bend Programming Touch Screen 2”, software specially created for our machines, which can select as many as 49 programs with 8 bending angles each and with automatic correction of springback. It also allows you to save your projects as repeatable programs.

The ETM 80 can be equipped with a manual rotary positioning table. This table is available in various lengths for repeatable bends in a single piece of material. When the table is attached to the bender, it helps achieve very accurate bends on varying planes, as well as consistent measurements between bends.

Reliable and well-performing machine, it is perfect for various activities and fields like hydraulic, nautical and general plant construction engineering.

Technical specifications

SpecificationETM 60ETM 80ETM 90ETM 120ETM 150
Motor powerKW 2KW 2,2KW 2,2KW 5,5KW 8
Rotation speed *6 g/1’ *3,5 g/1’ *3 g/1’ *0-5 g/1’ *0-5 g/1' *
Wieght210 kg560 kg800 kg2100 kg5100 kg
Size600 x 500 x 950 h.1100 x 810 x 1200 h.1300 x 870 x 1250 h.1550 x 1050 x 1010 h.1500 x 1000 x 1400 h.

Maximum capacity (mm)

FE 43060 x 4
76 x 6
90 x 6114 x 8168 x 10
Aluminium60 x 876 x 890 x 10140 x 7168 x 15
INOX AISI 30460 x 376 x 490 x 4114 x 6168 x 7
Solid Bar FE 43045556585120
Square Tube FE 50 x 360 x 480 x 4110 x 5140 x 6


Every ETM series machine is supplied with the “Digital Bend Programming Touch Screen 2” special software, extremely easy to use  due to the intuitive “Touch” screen.

Thanks to the latest generation technologies it is possible to access main features as:

  • Storage of 49 programs, each of them with a 8-stop sequences in the bending operation
  • Calculation of the machine maximum bending capacities with reference to the material size to be bent
  • Graphic of the minimum bending radii
  • Setting of springiness material estimate (springback)
  • Bend counter
  • Remote connection “Industry 4.0”

Some more functions:

  • Working mode: either manual or automatic
  • 100 MB hard disk
  • Alarm diagnosis
  • Maintenance notice
ETM contromatrice a slitta

Slide countermold

ETM 60 Comando pedale

Foot control

ETM 60 Display posizione cromatrice

Digital display
countermold position

ETM 60 posizionatore


Length and rotation measuring system with digital display