Coiling Lathes

The HLN series of coiling lathes are completely electric CNC-controlled machines designed for the manufacture of springs and augers. Designed and built entirely by Memoli, they are an effective and efficient solution capable of machining round, flat, square bars and tubes.

The design of our winding machines starts with the needs of each single Customer: we build machines specifically to achieve high final standards and optimise production costs.

Their strength is not only the final product: thanks to the ‘CNC Coiling Program TouchScreen’, which provides the possibility to save your own designs as repeatable programmes, operation is extremely easy and fast.

General Features

  • CNC Coiling Program Touch screen  with internal memory 500 programs, expandable and remote connection via USB
  • Left or right-handed winding, with constant or variable pitch
  • Quick spring extraction system with automatic release
  • Rapid tool change
  • Perimeter safety with photocells
  • Variable speed
  • Wire size Ø 2 to Ø 80 mm
  • Flat size max. 70 x 10 mm
  • Spring length max. 3000 mm

HLN CNC torni avvolgitori

CNC Coiling Control

  • System with parameters for wire diameter variation
  • Winding speed adjustment
  • Automatic pitch adjustment
  • Internal memory 500 programs, expandable
  • Remote connection
  • Machine diagnostics
  • Correction and storage of material elasticity