Special machines

One of our strength points is the realization of special machines meant to bend and curve any metallic material.

They are designed and manufactured on specific custom needs, combining the best technical solution with the budget possibility of our Customers, aiming at granting top high production rates and optimizing the costs. These machines are manufactured and assembled with top quality mechanical and electronic parts in order to grant them a higher level of reliability.

Our design project service is always at our Customers’ complete availability for the analysis and feasibility of their projects for cost estimate, lay-out and final realization of the required suitable machine.

We are specialized in producing CNC  spring cold coiling machine for the production of  spring, for wire up to Ø 80 mm.

The machine is used for the production of compression springs with left or right winding, with constant or variable pitch controlled by CNC control.

Macchine speciali macchina molle a freddo 3

Cold spring machine

Macchine speciali macchina coclea

Augers machine

Macchine speciali macchina molle a freddo 1

Cold spring machine

Macchine speciali ETM raggi ampi

ETM big radius

Macchine speciali macchina molle a freddo 2

Cold spring machine


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