Hybrid Semi-Automatic Tube Bending Machines

The ETM-H range of semi-automatic hybrid tube bender is ideal for the machining of thin tubes without deformation of the processed tube: a compact, high-performance and economical solution.

In semi-automatic bending machines of the ETM-H series, the bending function is performed automatically, while the feeding and rotation of the tube between the bends must be performed manually.

Simplicity, sturdiness and precision are the key features of this particularly cost-effective line.

These tube bending machines are particularly used for the production of small to medium batches, for prototyping, and for adaptation and maintenance work.

In tube processing with multiple bends, the positioner will greatly facilitate your work; in fact, this device through its system of stops allows the exact fixing of the tube length and rotation position between bends, ensuring an excellent degree of repeatability.

As standard supply, this electric bending machine is equipped with a hydraulic mandrel extractor, hydraulic clamp die and pressure die, thus ensuring an excellent quality bend finish.

Our ETM-H semi-automatic hybrid bending machines can bend tubes with a diameter up to 90 mm diameter with maximum quality of finishing, with a minimum bending radius of 1 x the tube diameter.

Extremely easy and fast to use thanks to the “Digital Bend Programming Touch Screen 2”, the software specially created for our machines is able to select as many as 100 programs with 10 bending angles each and with automatic correction of the springback.

In addition, the projects you make will be saved and programmed as repeatable.


  • Electronic control “Digital Bend Programming Touch Screen 2”
  • Remote connection  “Industry 4.0”
  • Separate control pulpit
  • Adjustable clamping pressure
  • Programmable early mandrel extraction for optimized bending quality
  • Follower pressure die with automatic retraction
  • Hollow shaft for using tooling for small radii
  • Adjustable bending speed
  • Usable length in accordance with customer
  • Compact machine
  • Positioning unit for length and rotation, incl. 3-jaw chuck / hydraulic chuck  (optional)
  • Useful tube length 1500 / 3000 / 6000 / 8000
  • Mandrel lubrication system (optional)


Every ETM-H series machine is supplied with the “Digital Bend Programming Touch Screen 2” special software, extremely easy to use  due to the intuitive “Touch” screen.

Thanks to the latest generation technologies it is possible to access main features as:

  • Storage of 100 programs, each of them with a 10-stop sequences in the bending operation
  • Adjustable bending speed
  • Early mandrel extraction programming
  • Springback programming
  • Bend counter
  • Remote connection “Industry 4.0”

Maximum capacity (mm)

MaterialETM-H 50ETM- H 63ETM-H 80ETM-H 90
Fe 43050 x 2,560 x 376 x 3
90 x 3
ALU60 x 460 x 776 x 490 x 4
INOX AISI 30450 x 1,560 x 276 x 290 x 2
SQUARE PIPE40 x 2,550 x 1,560 x 265 x 4

Length and rotation measuring system with digital display

ETM tegolo

Wiper die

ETM anima

Fix Mandrel

Jointed Mandrel

ETM comando a pedale

Foot control

Frequently Asked Questions about ETM-H

The choice between buying a mandrelless tube bending machine or a tube bending machine with mandrel depends on these critical factors: diameter, thickness, and bending radius.

Yes, ETM-H series semiautomatic tube bending machines can bend with or without mandrel, depending on the work required.

Because the rotation is driven by an electric gear motor, which ensures greater precision; the vices, on the other hand, are hydraulic.

As standard, ETM-H tube benders have three available usable lengths: 1500, 3000 and 6000 mm. However, any machine can be customized with lengths requested by the customer.

Yes, according to customers’ requests, ETM-H tube bending machines can have different voltages.

As standard, ETM-H tube bending machines have the manual positioner with 3-jaw chuck, upon request they can be equipped with automatic tube clamp and electric Z-axis rotation.

According to customers’ requirements, ETM-H tube benders can have dies up to radius 1000 mm.

Yes, ETM-H tube benders are the most effective solution when it comes to profile bending.

ETM-H tube benders can be equipped with automatic mandrel tube positioning system.

Optionally, the rotation of the tube can be handled automatically, while tube feeding is always done manually. Automatic tube feeding is done with the ACH CNC tube bending machine.