The range of MEMOLI tube bending machines with mandrel consists of 3 types of tube bending machines:

  • ETM 60 with MANDREL: ETM 60 tube bending machine with fixed mandrel is perfect for the machining of tubes of small wall thickness and profiles: a compact, cheap and high-performance solution that guarantees exceptional repeatability. Our ETM 60 tube bending machine with mandrel allow the machining of tubes up to 60 mm diameter and are able to bend with high-level finish quality, with a minimum radius of 2 x tube Ø.
  • ETM-H: in semi-automatic bending machines of the ETM-H series, the bending function is performed automatically, while the feeding and rotation of the tube between the bends must be performed manually. When machining tubes with multiple bends, the positioner will greatly facilitate the work, as this device allows the exact fixing of the length of the tube and the rotation position between the bends. Our ETM-H semi-automatic tube bending machines can bend tubes with a diameter up to 80 mm diameter with maximum quality of finishing, with a minimum bending radius of 1 x the tube Ø.
  • ACH: the tube bending machines of the ACH series are fully automatic bending machines with CNC 3 axes: bending (Y axis), advancement (X axis) and rotation (Z axis).
  • ETM curvatubi elettriche con anima manuale



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