Universal Manual Bender

Eureka is a patented manual system, one machine only for four different applications: angle-bending, circle-curve bending, scroll bending and tube bending with two options to bend with or without mandrel . Our universal manual bender is the perfect solution to bend tubes, flat metal material, solid steel, square tubing and profiles, both on heat treated and cold material as well.

Its large base grants a safe and reliable use. The bending operation is carried out manually by pulling the traction lever until the required bending degree is reached. A removable stop enables the user to set the desired graduation and to repeat the application easily and with accuracy.

With more than 50,000 units sold ever since 1967, Eureka still remains today the most versatile manual bending machine for the applications of various fields such as mechanical engineering, general plant construction engineering, car workshop, hydraulic, dynamic oil engineering.


Eureka EC Piegatrice Manuale Universale

Circle-curve bender

Icone Piegatrice EC
Eureka EP Piegatrice Manuale Universale

Angle bender

Icone Piegatrice EP
Piegatrice Manuale ES (1)

Scroll-spiral bender

Icone Piegatrice ES

The matrix is interchangeble for different types of spiral

Piegatrice Manuale ET

Tube&Pipe bender
with/without mandrel

Icone Piegatrice ET

Maximum capacity (mm)

FE37 solid roundØ 12Ø 25Ø 25
FE37 solid square122323
FE37 flat30 x 1250 x 10100 x 10
Copper&Aluminium solid roundØ 30Ø 30
FE37 pipeØ 28 x 1,5
Copper&Aluminium pipeØ 30 x 2
INOX pipeØ 25 x 1,5

Areas of application

  • Engineering
  • Hydraulic
  • Building
  • Garage
  • Furniture